Want a flexible system, backed by science, that assists you achieving wellness goals? For me, a 40 lbs. weight loss, then enhanced athletic performance. Now vitality. At 67 years old, to wake up feeling 25 and having my body back it up is amazing. The BEST part, partnering with like-minded people looking for better health and a way live life on your own terms. Contact me, I would love to show you!

Jim King
Kingston, New York

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In 2009 it became evident to me and my Doctors that my health was not on the path I desired! Over the years I had gone from Fit, Fabulous and Ferocious to Fat and Fearful. In spring of 2010, my girlfriend (now my wife) introduced me to a wonderful nutritional cleansing, nutrient replenishment, and graceful aging system! I have released weight and I felt Fine and Fearless again! In 2012, after nearly 2 years of maintenance, I released additional weight to adjust my power-to-weight ratio and improve my athletic performance. I'm back to feeling Fantastic and very Fast! I feel young again. I feel Fit and Fabulous. I am handling stress well, sleeping like a baby, and have wonderfully high energy levels. My athletic performance is "through the roof". I now pay this fantastic feeling forward and in the process, allowing me to create time & financial freedom, building it within the pockets of my life. Contact me at (845) 616-6752 and I will graciously share perhaps the greatest secret of my life with you! All you have to lose is that sense of not being at your best, feeling too old, too unhealthy or too overweight. Till then, Jim King ... your Ally in Health and Prosperity!

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